Case Study – eProcess Application (Aviation)

As a company emphasizing in industrial standards and best practices, process sheet was introduced as a type of medium to document operation findings and results. However, they were becoming frustrated by its paper based and labour intensives processes.

  • On day to day operations, thousands of process sheets were printed and must be filed as part of the compliance requirement.
  • The client needs a solution to streamline the current process so that physical process sheets would be eliminated entirely.
  • The solution must also serve as a common platform where results are readily shared and made possible for immediate retrieval in an efficient manner.

What Software International Corporation Did

    • We have successfully delivered the solution that is meeting all the client requirement within the time frame.
    • With the adoption of the latest web technologies including HTML5, the state-of-the-art web solution makes it possible to perform online plotting on graphs or any images without an Adobe Flash plug-in (which is otherwise against the corporate standard).


    • ✓ Paper and Printing Cost are reduced – Instead of printing every process sheet to paper, user can access them online and update the results directly through the system.
    • ✓ Productivity is increased – The printing activity at the beginning of the process as well as document scanning into a separate document imaging system at the later stage are completely eliminated. The streamlined process will increase the worker’s productivity.
    • ✓ Lower Operating Cost – Overtime work is also shortened due to better productivity and thus operation cost (overtime allowance) is also reduced.
    • ✓ Save Space – Physical storage for paper filing is no longer required. System data also demands far less hard disk space than scanned images from document imaging system.